Triple wrapped sterile packs for all pharmacy needs

Published: 21-Jan-2020

Micronclean offers triple wrapped products to assist transfer processes

Triple wrapped components can help meet the highest requirements for materials transfer into critical controlled environments, reducing contamination and removing the need for costly and time-consuming spray and wipe procedures.

Existing Customers

Any existing customers looking to have products sterile packs triple bagged should contact Micronclean for a quotation

New Customers

Micronclean offer a wide range of pharmacy compounding packs used extensively by hospital pharmacies and the commercial compounding sector. In addition to the standard range, the company can design a pack with customers to meet a specific compounding requirement. Contact Micronclean to discuss requirements.

Primary pack

Micronclean's unique quad-laminate clear medical packaging, validated for use with VHP and alcohol sanitisation methods.

Secondary and tertiary packs

Polyethylene packaging with validated pack and seal integrity to assist the transfer process.

Entire pack

Gamma irradiated utilising a validated (min) 25kGy process.

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