Thunder Wipes for ISO 3 – 6 Cleanrooms


Thunder Wipes by Blue Thunder Technologies are 9” x 9” cleanroom wipes, available in three options including nonwoven, polyester, and sealed-edge polyester

Thunder Wipes for ISO 3 – 6 Cleanrooms

Thunder 1, Thunder 20, and Thunder 70 offer users quality and cost-effective wiping solutions for a variety of controlled environments, including ISO 3 (Class 1) – ISO 6 (Class 1000). Furthermore, Thunder Wipes come packaged in unique quantities, offering more wipes per bag (when compared to traditional cleanroom wipe packaging) at no additional cost.

Thunder 1™, packaged 360 wipes per bag, offer ISO 6 / Class 1000 (and higher) cleanroom compatibility. These nonwoven (poly-cellulose blend) wipes are suitable for a variety of surfaces and wiping applications. They are durable, abrasion resistant, absorbent, and virtually free of particle generation. Thunder 1 wipes are comprised of a synergistic blend of virgin polyester and cellulose that is hydroentangled into a uniform, super-tough fabric.

Thunder 20™, packaged 180 wipes per bag, offer ISO 5 / Class 100 cleanroom compatibility. The fabric is made up of premium quality virgin polyester fibres, undergoing continuous filamentation throughout the knit construction. They are exceptionally low in particle generation and chemical extractables. Thunder 20 Wipes are heavy-weight, making them a highly absorbent wiping option suitable for cleaning a variety of surfaces and liquids.

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Thunder 70™, packaged 180 wipes per bag, offer ISO 3-4 / Class 1-10 cleanroom compatibility. They contain four laser cut, heat-sealed and melted edges designed to eliminate loose fibres. Tough interlocking knitted construction further enhances the cleanliness of this wipe. Thunder 70 wipes are durable, absorbent, and resistant to rough surfaces and burs. They are exceptionally low in particle emission, nonvolatile residue, and ionic levels. They are cleanroom laundered, individually inspected and hermetically packaged in cleanroom bags.

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