Terra Universal introduces cleanroom control systems

Five tier levels allow systems to be configured to room design and FFU quantity

Tier 4 – Individual RRU and room control with environmental monitoring and data logging

Terra has introduced a range of new control systems to automatically control fan/filter units in modular cleanrooms to achieve desired air change rates and room pressure. Multiple tier levels with increasing feature availability and sophistication are available to match cleanroom size, floorplan complexity and budget. 

Environmental room controls simplify day-to-day operations and ensure compliance during cGMP or USP regulatory inspections. Control modules allow users to monitor performance and make adjustments to laminar-flow fan/filter units (FFUs) in controlled rooms. Energy-saving modes can also be programmed during down-times. Sensors provide a way to monitor temperature, humidity and particle count.

Input/output transfer of data allows dynamic communication from FFUs and peripheral sensors to the control module, which is capable of automated responses. Adjustments of the fan/filter units will control air speed, change rate and balance, allowing cleanrooms to achieve the target pressure and cleanliness.