Telstar ACE employs technical manager

Michael Mellor joins the Dewsbury, UK firm from Howorth

The latest addition to the management team at Telstar Group is Michael Mellor, who takes the role of technical manager at the Telstar ACE centre of technology in Dewsbury, UK.

Mellor joins from competitor Howarth and brings with him more than 15 years of experience in the containment industry. He has already implemented a programme of technical developments focused on improving quality and extending functionality of Telstar ACE isolators from design through manufacturing and assembly methods. Increasing and developing the engineering capability is also a priority.

Throughout 2010, as part of the Telstar Group’s r&d plans, Telstar ACE will contribute to the development of a range of sterile and aseptic systems built to modular designs with pre-engineered options able to address a range of applications.

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