Scientific Laboratory Supplies launches new Cleanroom Catalogue


Company's first catalogue devoted to essential cleanroom products

The commercial pressures on research laboratories to improve efficiency and generate savings has led Scientific Laboratory Supplies (SLS), the largest independent British-owned supplier of scientific equipment, chemicals and consumables to launch its first catalogue devoted to essential cleanroom products.

The catalogue has been produced in partnership with the UK’s leading specialist cleanroom supplier Micronclean and brings together market-leading products at competitive prices to serve the needs of cleanroom facilities managers.

Lee Jenkins, Supply Development Manager at SLS, which is headquartered in Nottingham, says: 'The driving forces for technological changes in cleanroom operations centre on saving time, lowering costs and reducing contamination risks. This is why we are committed to tackling the cost issue by publishing our first catalogue devoted to high-usage cleanroom items such as entry mats, gloves, wipes, head/footwear, garments and cleaning agents.

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Visit the website below to download the new SLS Cleanroom Products Catalogue.