Robot station aims to develop automatic loading for terminal sterilisation processes

Published: 13-Jun-2023

Telstar has set up a new robotised station built to develop robotic and automatic loading applications for terminal sterilisation processes

Telstar has set up a fully automated test station to assay and develop robotic solutions for terminal sterilisation applications.

Intended to serve manufacturing companies in the pharmaceutical industry sector, the station is designed to conduct loading and unloading tests of their products conveyed towards an autoclave in automated sterilisation processes.

This station is located in the new Telstar facilities in the O40 complex in Terrassa (Barcelona).

Telstar’s station is fitted with several robots to assess the handling of stackable trays according to the type of product loaded. In addition, the station is also equipped with a wide range of grippers that allow testing different types of bag and bottle formats.

The design

Designed to develop customised solutions to automate the customer's sterilisation plant, from the process of stacking, transport and loading to the autoclave, as well as the subsequent unloading, adapted to the characteristics of a sterilisation process for packaged pharmaceutical products.

Thus, this station makes the design easier of the most appropriate complete and integrated solution for the customer in the initial phase of the investment.

This system allows companies to take advantage of the inherent benefits of automated processes. These include saving on manual procedures, greater efficiency, improvement of cycle times and reduction of operational costs.

This new infrastructure is complemented by the process laboratory service in the field of sterilisation available for customers to develop different recipes that ensure the integrity of the container and find the optimal sterilisation conditions for the product, avoiding its possible degradation, and optimising sterilisation cycles.

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