Revolutionised and Robust: Environmental Identification
Webinar - mid-October

Published: 8-Sep-2015

Environmental identification, including moulds, by MALDI-TOF Mass Spectrometry

Beyond rapidity, the application of matrix-assisted laser desorption ionisation–time of flight mass spectrometry (MALDI-TOF MS) has revolutionised the identification of moulds and bacteria from pharmaceutical environments. Robustness and reproducibility of identifications are often overlooked as integral parts of cost effectiveness.

Arnaud Carlotti

Arnaud Carlotti

Performance for 300 isolates representing 55 genera and 163 species found in pharmaceutical environments were analysed on the VITEK MS Plus system. The identifications were compared with almost full gene16S rRNA gene sequencing data and for some cases to multilocus comparative sequencing data. The results matched the reference identification to genus 90% (270/300) and to specie 88% (263/300). The remaining cases were not identified 10% (30/300) and misidentified to specie 2% (7/300). No misidentifications to genus occurred.

In this webinar Dr Arnaud Carlotti, of Eurofins IDmyk (Eurofins Bio Pharma Product Testing Division) discusses intra-species variability and also addresses methodologies and the significance of a robust identification knowledge base for environmental monitoring.

Presented by: bioMérieux

Date: Postponed from 23 September 2015 to mid-October

Time: 10:00am CEST; 9:00am BST

Duration: 60 minutes

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