Prudential inks long-term agreement with Consolidated Laundry Machinery


The five-year contract includes special dryers used in cleanroom environments

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Consolidated Laundry Machinery (CLM) has announced that the company signed a long-term partnership with Prudential Overall Supply (POS). As part of the agreement, the US-based cleanroom garment specialist has acquired CLM’s latest dryer technology for its industrial plants and growing Cleanroom Services division.

“When a customer like Prudential Overall Supply makes a substantial commitment such as this, we can give the highest level of after-sales support. And by closely tracking real-world use of our machines we can figure out how to make them work even better,” said Gabriel Camacho, CLM President.

He continued, “Staying close, getting real-time feedback and applying real-world solutions will keep both of us healthy in the long run.”

Since 1932, Prudential Overall Supply has established a reputation as a leader in state-of-the-art industrial laundering and cleanroom garment processing. The relationship with CLM has led to many new CLM dryer design features that improve performance, safety, and ease of operation and maintenance, the company said.

Leonard McAllister, Prudential’s Senior Director of Engineering and Production, commented: “Prudential has for many years worked closely with CLM on many innovations that not only help Prudential but helps the industry overall. I like the fact that they listen.”

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The five-year contract with POS included special pricing and warranty for CLM’s standard top quality industrial dryers, along with special dryers used in cleanroom environments.