ProCleanroom makes two new hires to join growing team


The specialist in modular cleanrooms and laminar flow cabinets has welcomed Lisanne van Osch and Tamara Janssen

L-R: Tamara Janssen; Lisanne van Osch

L-R: Tamara Janssen; Lisanne van Osch

Modular cleanroom and laminar flow cabinet specialist, ProCleanroom, has introduced two new team members.

Lisanne van Osch has started as Customer Service Executive at the company's consumable division.

"Lisanne has a lot of experience with products in the medical sector and is a great addition to our team of product specialists," ProCleanroom stated.

Tamara Janssen has also started as Office Manager.

"Janssen's extensive experience in performing administrative tasks and streamlining day-to-day operations is a very welcome addition to our growing team," ProCleanroom stated.

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At this growing company, these hires will be important to future operations.