Pfeiffer Vacuum introduces energy-saving dry pumps

Offer compact dimensions and high pumping speeds

The A 100 L ES cuts energy consumption by 50%

Pfeiffer Vacuum’s A 100 L dry pumps are compact and specially developed for flexible integration in semiconductor production facilities. They are also suitable for operation in cleanrooms.

The German provider of vacuum solutions says these dry multi-stage Roots pumps can be used for clean applications such as load-lock chambers and transfer chambers, as well as for all other non-corrosive applications.

Although small the pumps provide high pumping speeds and short pump down times.

A further development, the A 100 L ES, cuts energy consumption by up to 50%. Its pumping speed is significantly higher in the low-pressure range. Additional benefits include a lower final pressure and reduced noise level.

The ES module reduces energy use to a minimum in the low-pressure range, which reduces operating costs. To illustrate the point: annual savings per pump total up to 7,900kWh, which corresponds to 3.9 tons of CO2.

In addition to energy savings, the final pressure of the A 100 L ES is reduced to 7x10-4 mbar (hPa). This opens up new potential applications requiring an enhanced pumping capacity combined with low pressure. The noise level is also reduced from 58dB (A) to 55dB (A).