TSMC comments on cleanroom evacuation

Published: 25-Apr-2024

Cleanroom Technology reached out to TSMC to see how the recent magnitude 4 earthquakes had impacted semiconductor production operations

Taiwan experienced 103 earthquakes of magnitude 4 or higher on 23 April 2024.

The area that was hit included the location of some of Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company's (TSMC) production facilities.

TSMC told Cleanroom Technology that, "none of [these] reached TSMC’s threshold for evacuating outdoors".

However, due the companies internal procedures, "cleanroom staff at a small number of fabs were preventatively evacuated to the non-cleanroom area to ensure the safety of personnel".

The spokesperson added that the facility and safety systems at these fabs are all functioning as normal and all personnel are safe.

Taiwan is a huge global producer of semiconductor that many tech giants rely on. So interruptions in production can be impactful. The spokesperson told Cleanroom Technology that at this time, this is not expected to be a problem. "Currently, we do not expect any impact on operations," they stated.

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