New robotic installation at De Novo Pharmaceuticals

Published: 29-Nov--0001

De Novo Pharmaceuticals in Cambridge, UK has recently taken delivery of a PerkinElmer Life Sciences Mini-Trak and Multiprobe Robotics system with a clean air enclosure from Bigneat Containment Technology. This new robotics installation gives De Novo a high throughput drug testing capability in a safe working environment. De Novo Pharmaceuticals is a fully integrated, design based drug discovery company. Their in-house drug discovery programme involves the 'virtual' screening of molecules in silco to enable the selection of compounds likely to have pharmaceutical properties. Their robotic system is being used alongside this process for in vitro testing. These processes together greatly speed up the lead discovery process. Mandy Fallowfield, Head of Screening at De Novo explains "The combination of PerkinElmer's leading edge technology coupled with Bigneat's expertise in containment technology gives us a powerful screening platform with compliance to good laboratory practice". PerkinElmer Life Sciences and Bigneat Containment Technology have worked together over a number of years to satisfy the increasingly demanding requirements of the demanding drug discovery laboratory.

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