New look autoclave range from Astell Scientific

Published: 8-Sep-2016

New autoclaves have added functionality, modern looks and come in a range of capacities

A new and improved range of autoclaves has been introduced by UK manufacturer and distributor of autoclaves, steam generators and effluent decontamination systems, Astell Scientific.

The new range of circular chamber autoclaves is available in various sizes, as benchtop, compact, and free-standing units, and with options of top and front loading configurations. Each benefit from a number of improvements designed to enhance the look, operation and functionality.

Every autoclave features a new controller unit boasting a 5.7 inch colour touch-screen display which contains the programme cycles, user settings and help menus on a simple-to-navigate interface, making for quick and easy cycle selection.

Each unit is supplied as standard with an external USB drive port for data output, which offers the operator the capability to download historic cycle information and electronically transfer it to a computer or USB enabled device for future analysis and storage.

Aesthetically, design changes have also been made to the external casing of all units ranging from small 33 litre benchtop to large 1400 litre free-standing cabinets.

Each incorporates an attractive grey/black contrasting colour scheme offering a modern and professional look to each installation.

The new range of Astell Scientific autoclaves is suitable for use in research establishments, microbiology labs, pharma labs, universities etc.

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