Micron completes Singapore NAND centre of excellence expansion


This multi billion dollar cleanroom has been expanded to support advanced 3D NAND technology node transitions while maintaining existing wafer capacity

Micron unveils expanded leading-edge NAND flash memory fabrication facility in Singapore
(L-R): Dee Mooney, Executive Director of Micron Foundation; Manish Bhatia, EVP Global Operations at Micron; Singapore Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Finance Heng Swee Keat; Sanjay Mehrotra, President and CEO of Micron; Dr Beh Swan Gin, Chairman of Singapore Economic Development Board; Chen Kok Sing, VP and Singapore Country Manager at Micron

Micron has completed expansion of its 3D NAND flash memory fabrication operations in Singapore where it hosted a grand opening ceremony to mark the strategic achievement.

Micron announced this expansion in 2018, a significant investment for the company. This cleanroom expansion was to support advanced 3D NAND technology node transitions while maintaining existing wafer capacity. In total the company has spent more than US$15 billion in Singapore.

With 500,000 sqft in cleanroom space, the facility is a base for Micron’s global operations. It comprises the global manufacturing hub, a wafer fabrication unit, as well as a space for the testing and assembling of materials.

This is the second expansion to take place at the Singapore location, also known as the NAND centre of excellence. In September 2016, the company added approximately 255,000 sqft to the site facility, almost doubling the cleanroom space.

In order to sustain these new areas, the company will be making large increases in staffing.

Chen explained: “The company expects to hire about 1,500 more new team members in the next two years. More than 80% of these are expected to be new college graduates. The roles are high-quality skilled job roles for advanced manufacturing.”

Micron’s 3D NAND technology and storage solutions are pivotal in supporting the company’s long-term growth, and they address customer needs in areas such as 5G, AI and autonomous transportation.

Why Singapore?

This facility is the company’s primary manufacturing facility for leading-edge advanced 3D NAND production. This technology is pivotal in accelerating future advancements in AI, machine learning and autonomous transportation.

Speaking to Human Resources Online on why the city-state was chosen, Chen Kok Sing, Micron VP and Singapore Country Manager, said: “Singapore is home to a global pool of top talent, enabling us to attract diverse and highly-skilled talent.

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“Micron enjoys a long and successful partnership with the Singapore government and we share a common goal to grow and create opportunities for the strong local talent and promote a favourable environment for the semiconductor industry,” Chen added.