Merck Millipore introduces APC SmartTouch airborne particle counter


Reduces cleanroom certification and monitoring costs

The APC SmartTouch airborne particle counter

The APC SmartTouch airborne particle counter

Merck Millipore, the life science division of Merck KGaA, has added the APC SmartTouch airborne particle counter for cleanroom monitoring to its portfolio. The device is factory calibrated to comply with ISO 21501-4.

The system offers dual flow rates for cleanroom filter testing and monitoring, thus eliminating the need to invest in multiple instruments and reducing costs associated with routine calibration events. Equipped with two high-capacity batteries, it is designed for continuous sampling and is said to offer the largest memory capacity on the market.

“Environmental monitoring is essential in today\'s industries,” said Anne Connors, Regional Marketing Manager, Merck Millipore. “It not only minimises risks to consumers and producers, it also saves time and reduces costs by preventing the release of potentially contaminated products. Our complete portfolio for environmental monitoring solutions includes the APC system for particle counting, active and passive air monitoring as well as surface and personnel monitoring, all of which improve quality, increase safety, and reduce production risks and expenses.”

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The instrument\'s large colour touchscreen with commonly used icons facilitates easy and intuitive operation. All required actions start from the main screen, with no need to access sub-menus, increasing operating efficiency and saving time. The instrument is easy to clean and disinfect, and comes with many accessories including a compressed gas adaptor for high pressures.