Mar Cor Purification repackages Actril Cold Sterilant


Mar Cor Purification has put its Actril Cold Sterilant, a ready-to-use sporicidal disinfectant, in cleanroom packaging. According to the company the product is biodegradable, it leaves no detectable residual on the surfaces and its method of disinfection does not have to be part of a disinfectant rotation.

Actril Cold Sterilant is now double-bagged in a controlled environment, EtO processed (6 log reduction of B. atrophaeus spores) and packaged as 6x1kg bottles with six sprayers per case. Complete lot traceability and documentation conforms to pharma standards. Along with Actril Cold Sterilant, US company Mar Cor Purification offers water treatment equipment, filtration and disinfection technologies. The filtration products include FiberFlo hollow fibre membrane filters that protect products and processes from bacterial and endotoxin contamination. Minncare Cold Sterilant is said to be ideal for water and process system sanitisation and is used with the Minncare Dry Fog and Mini-Fog System.

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Mar Cor Purification has representatives at more than 30 sites worldwide to provide sales and technical support.