Major US semiconductor firm chooses AM Technical Solutions

Published: 19-Jan-2022

AM has been chosen to perform a design study to check the feasibility of an upcoming expansion

Advances in technology have created a world of possibilities to grow manufacturing efforts at high-tech facilities. However, companies need to first assess their existing capabilities and determine the requirements for increasing capabilities before embracing this opportunity.

One of the leading US semiconductor companies has recently approached AM Technical Solutions to discuss expansion activity. The company, which develops innovative products for a variety of markets, needed to perform a feasibility study for expanding production capacity at one of their facilities.

In order to achieve cost and schedule efficiency, we agreed on an approach to leverage teams that are most familiar with each aspect of the effort and to work collaboratively on the study.

Purpose of the feasibility study

The feasibility study will determine whether our client has the capability to support the initial phase of the project, which calls for an initial 50% expansion according to a very aggressive timeline. This will be followed by a study of the remaining expansion.

To support the full effort, AM has been commissioned to provide assistance evaluating the key aspects of the project:

  • Design for process equipment, laterals, exhausts, etc.
  • Design completion of utility systems and connections (water, power, ventilation, etc.)
  • Concept layout for maximum space utilisation with production equipment.

Scope of work

AM will provide several key support services throughout the duration of the project. The team of experts will help develop an action plan and then follow through by executing the feasibility study to provide the client with a final recommendation on whether the expansion effort is viable.

  • Pre-work: We will review documents sent in advance and create a report.
  • Report: We will make specific recommendations for the design completion of utility systems and connections.
  • Drawings: We will provide markups to the current set of completed drawings.
  • Designs: We will make recommendations for the design of process laterals, exhausts, etc., and provide markups to the current set of client drawings.
  • Concept Layout: We will provide recommendations for the concept of fully occupied cleanrooms, and provide sketches of the new facility layout.

Once we complete the study and put together the final report, we will present this information to the client and discuss the next steps of conducting the detailed design to enable the project execution.

"We are confident that our team will complete the study according to the client's timeline to provide them with the best opportunity to determine whether to expand capabilities at their facility," said Dan Codi, AM's Chief Operating Officer. "We appreciate the opportunity to lend our expertise to these types of studies to support our partners as they seek to utilise the latest technology for exciting and innovative projects."

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