Liquitec’s bio-cleanseal wall penetration system


The bio-cleanseal sealing element is made from a controlled material and is suitable for use in clean and sterile environment classified under the ISO 14644-1 and GMP standard

bio-cleanseal® cleanroom wall penetration system

The bio-cleanseal system for penetrations is a fast and easy provision of in situ airtightness, waterproofing, and sound reduction for pipe penetration points. It is recommended and useful for sealing pipe systems penetrating concrete walls, so-called sandwich panels, sheet metal, laboratory devices, and machines. Installation is simple and fast without additional elements or specificities and without the use of special tools.

The material for penetrations with a mono seal is composed of two metal elements and one sealing part. The bio-cleanseal element is fabricated from fully traceable material. It can be used in clean and sterile environment classified under the ISO 14644-1 and GMP standard. The metal part of the system is made of high quality acid-resistant stainless steel, suitable for use in chemical, pharmaceutical, biotech & food industries and other demanding environments, the system is fully resistant to all external influences. The sealing element is manufactured with a strict procedure and controlled environment to ensure a perfect product quality.

The shape of the sealing element is designed to provide the best sealing and a perfect fit to the pipe system. The design of the seal allows vibrations & deviations without any impact on the basic sealing function. The correctly mounted bio-cleanseal element on the pipe section guarantuees: high-quality sealing, damping of noise & vibrations from the pipe system to the surface and a proper insulation of the wall. The seal’s tight fit ensures the quality of the sealing in all positions. The differential pressure can reach up to 0.3bar between the two environments. The system is tailor made to its exact tube dimension and needs no additional human interventions. The bio-cleanseal can be mounted on walls, floors, ceilings or multipanels.

For the correct fixation of the bio-cleanseal element, the manufacturer recommends use of silicone sealant or equivalent adhesive sealant suitable for use in controlled areas. The system back space can be insulated properly to avoid any dead-space. The cleaning of the bio-cleanseal is easy due to its smooth surface can be cleaned with the use of cleaning products and disinfectants. The system is absolutely maintenance free.

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