Liam Taylor joins MicroCare Europe


Liam Taylor

Liam Taylor

MicroCare Corporation has announced that Liam Taylor has joined MicroCare Europe in the capacity of European business manager for Fibre Optics. He will be based at the MicroCare Europe offices in Leeds, UK.

Taylor joins the company from a media background, having spent many years working with both a well-known fibre industry publication and the European Conference on Optical Communications (ECOC) event, the leading fibre optic exhibition in Europe.

His perch in the media industry allowed Taylor to stay close to all the latest developments in fibre technologies. His career also has given him a broad familiarity with virtually every major European OEM, network operator, service provider and distributor in the industry.

While MicroCare provides a wide variety of critical cleaning chemicals, Taylor’s focus will be on the Sticklers fibre cleaning products. He will support the numerous Sticklers distributors in Europe and North Africa, and also will engage directly with network operators, design engineers, and equipment manufacturers to help them improve the performance of their networks.

“It’s a very exciting time in the fibre industry, because the Sticklers products are right at the heart of the mix,” Taylor said.

“Everybody now realises that modern fibre networks must be cleaned to achieve their design goals. This creates the market requirement for more cost-effective cleaning tools, which in turn leads to urgent demand from customers for better service and support. It’s like the perfect storm!”

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Scott Wells, European business manager for MicroCare, commented: “The fibre industry is full of exciting opportunities and we simply didn’t have the manpower to engage with them all. But fibre networks are indispensable in our networked world, which means the need to clean the fibre networks is even more critical. Liam’s expertise and reputation will open a thousand doors to the Sticklers products.”