Largest-ever FMS installation helps Validair achieve special TSI Award status

Published: 19-Apr-2021

Notable among Validair’s business successes in 2020 is the largest Environmental Monitoring System installation in the history of TSI Inc., the world leader in particle counters and monitoring software, reports Validair

Validair is a Gold Standard Channel Partner to TSI. With over 1,000 sample point capacity, the TSI FMS5 installation at Oxford Biomedica’s Oxbox facility was delivered, installed and commissioned by the Validair team late in 2019 and during the first coronavirus lockdown in 2020. Coincidentally, the Oxbox FMS solution is playing a prominent role in the production of one of the Covid-19 vaccines.

This prestigious installation was one of many during the past year for Validair that contributed towards special recognition by TSI, and it elevates Validair to TSI Directors Club status – an accolade only presented to top-performing contamination control channel partners that achieve three consecutive years of outstanding success.

“Naturally, we were delighted to provide the environmental monitoring and critical alarm system to Oxford Biomedica last year, and rewarding to know that the expertise of our team is contributing to the highly acclaimed national vaccine programme,” said Deborah Haisman, Commercial Director at Validair Monitoring Solutions Ltd. “It is also pleasing to gain a further endorsement from TSI with induction into the Directors Club that clearly signals successive years of achievement, and recognition of that achievement, to the industry. Validair team members will wear that badge with pride.”

TSI EMEA Sales Manager, Simon Tebb, cited the Oxbox installation when presenting the new award. He said: “Validair has doubled its sales turnover in the last three years. This incredible growth is built on leveraging the company’s technical prowess with monitoring systems, which led the Validair team to win multiple systems opportunities. This includes the flagship installation at Oxford Biomedica, which is the single largest FMS system installed by a TSI channel partner we have ever seen.”

Validair is a TSI Gold Sales Partner – and now a TSI Directors Club member.

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