Innovations that make life easier in the cleanroom


Here Wiskind the specialists in innovative cleanroom systems and products, discuss the latest cleanroom innovations

There is nothing wrong with making sure your environment sparks with a high functioning shield that keeps impurities away. Pharmaceutical and biotech companies do not need contaminants making their daily functioning a misery.

Many have found innovative ways to ensure their environments are easier and simpler to handle. Creating such surroundings demands that you consider materials used, filtration, dilution, and air movement or flow. All these should comply with particular standards and specifications.

If we look at materials used, we consider cleanroom panel suitable for preventing contamination. For many organisations, stainless steel and fibre glass have always favoured organisations. However, HPL cleanroom panel has proven somewhat effective, especially since it is super fast to instal and unfriendly to contaminants.

At the Wiskind factory, we are the experts in clean boards as they hardly rust, retain moisture and withstand any harmful materials that could compromise quality control.

We also suggest antimicrobial coatings as creative mechanisms for improving cleanrooms. Although many equipment and surfaces come with such protective components, it turns out that the incorporation of disinfectants can produce bubbles on the surface of ordinary cleanroom panels, which greatly affects the downtime of cleanrooms and is also unfriendly to human contact.

Let us consider something more significant, such as the process of cleaning and disinfecting operating environments. What chemicals do you use? What methods do you find most suitable? These questions are more crucial that you might think.

At Wiskind, we ensure that all disinfectants and cleaning materials do not leave residue on the surface of HPL cleanroom panels. Remnants are a common issue in pharmaceutical industries, whereby some chemicals fail to eliminate certain substances. We follow strict guidelines such as those of GMP Guidance Annex, which advise manufacturing industries to use validated cleaning processes to remove impurities that can compromise sterility.

Furthermore, we create sterile environments with proven benefits. For instance, we can facilitate methods to measure and compare residues, including visual appearance, residue accumulation and remnants on evaporation. This idea will help you identify which cleaning and disinfecting products to use, as well as the best processes for a thorough outcome.

Another significant component is to consider how to transfer highly sensitive products from one cleanroom to the next. Not all materials are friendly between different facilities, especially when it comes to functions such as sealing, emptying and filling, among others; their residue containment differs.

We have professional designers to visualise the cleanroom with the most complex production process according to your production conditions and requirements to improve your production efficiency. We will ensure an environment that will not harm you and your employees' health.

Previously, we mentioned that cleanroom disinfection is an essential aspect. The most important disinfection is VHP. At Wiskind, we recommend using EndureĀ® to ensure that during the disinfection and sterilisation process, the disinfectant in the environment will not have an impact on the surface of the cleanroom panel. You should also invest in a HPL cleanroom door and on surfaces that require strict cleaning.

At Wiskind, we believe in success and we want to extend the same to you by recommending modern approaches and innovations that make life easier in the cleanroom. We recommend computerised software in designing your space. Applications like Building Information Modelling (BIM) account for complex yet useful calculations like geometry, light analysis, spatial relationships and geographic information. You can easily design an ideal cleanroom with quality management tools such as Failure Modes and Effects Analysis (FMEA) or Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP).

Such innovations should be preferably energy efficient because it provides a significant saving cost and carbon emission. At Wiskind we understand that cleanroom technologies provide more services than controlling contamination. Therefore, it makes life easier in our cleanrooms if we employ energy-efficient innovations.

We install our HVAC parameters using the environmental standards approved, such as ensuring that the air released to the surroundings does not possess a concentrated amount of toxic elements. Both ventilation and air conditioning systems have advanced filters connected to a computerised system that controls emitted air.

Visit, and we would be delighted to help you turn your cleanroom into a sterile and productive environment.

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