Hach Lange plans to offer largest range of MCERTS water quality monitors

Published: 29-Mar-2012

Latest sets of instruments to undergo MCERTS testing cover both portable and fixed water quality monitors

A massive programme of MCERTS testing is underway for many of Hach Lange’s market-leading water quality monitoring instruments.

“Most of the instruments are already in widespread use across a broad range of industries, but as the Environment Agency increasingly requires the use of MCERTS approved analytical equipment, our intention is to be able to offer customers the greatest possible choice of certified instrumentation,” said UK Sales Director Matthew Dillon.

MCERTS is the Environment Agency's Monitoring Certification Scheme and was established to provide a framework for businesses to meet prescribed quality requirements. The Agency’s Paul Wiggins has applauded Hach Lange’s commitment to the MCERTS scheme. “We are gradually moving to a position in which the operators of regulated processes will be allowed to use only MCERTS approved equipment for compliance monitoring, so this represents a window of opportunity for manufacturers with instrumentation that is able to meet the required standards,” he said.

Hach Lange already has MCERTS approval for a range of water samplers, but the latest sets of instruments to undergo MCERTS testing cover both portable and fixed water quality monitors. The online monitors undergoing testing include the Biotector TOC Analyser, and the SC1000 Digital Controller with sensors for pH, dissolved oxygen, ammonium and turbidity.

The portable devices currently undergoing tests include the HQD instrument with Intellical electrodes for pH, conductivity and dissolved oxygen.

“The testing programme is progressing well and we anticipate being able to announce successful MCERTS certification in the near future,” Dillon reports.

A full list of certified products is published on the SIRA web site, which can be accessed via www.mcerts.net.

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