GlobalFoundries marks milestone in new Singapore fab to open 2023

Published: 29-Jun-2022

The global leader in feature-rich semiconductor manufacturing has worked with Exyte Singapore to build the new facility and has now announced that its first tool has been moved into the company's new facility on its Singapore campus

GlobalFoundries, a global leader in feature-rich semiconductor manufacturing, has announced that its first tool has been moved into the company's new facility on its Singapore campus.

The milestone, just one year after breaking ground on the first phase of the Singapore expansion, has been achieved in partnership with the Singapore Economic Development Board and co-investments from committed customers. Today's milestone brings GF closer to increasing manufacturing capacity at its Singapore site and fulfilling additional global demand for GF-made chips used in automobiles, smartphones, wireless connectivity, internet of things (IoT) devices, and other applications.

"A heartiest congratulations to GF and the Exyte Singapore Project Team for this amazing achievement," said Lee Hong Ping, Director of Sales for Exyte's ATF segment.

In a ceremony in Singapore at the newly constructed building, GF celebrated the first tool-in milestone. Together VPs and executives watched as the first tool -a market-leading etch tool made by Lam Research- was moved into GF's newly commissioned cleanroom.

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"Today marks a special moment for GF, as we stand with our Singapore team, our partners, and valued employees to appreciate just how much progress we have made over the past year. From a groundbreaking event hosted virtually due to the global pandemic to today's first tool-in, we are delivering on our commitments to expand our global manufacturing footprint to meet the growing need in the marketplace for GF chips," CEO Thomas Caulfield. "This first phase of our Singapore expansion plan is a tremendous example of strong partnerships driving our industry forward. This first tool moved into our facility was incredible to witness and is a harbinger of more great milestones on the horizon for GF."

"We are delighted that GlobalFoundries has chosen Singapore for a major expansion of its global manufacturing footprint. We congratulate GlobalFoundries' success in bringing the site from ground-breaking to tool move-in in one year, to achieve production ramp up as planned in 2023. We look forward to GlobalFoundries' business growth and the creation of job opportunities in this rapidly growing sector," said Chang Chin Nam, Senior VP and Head, Semiconductors, Singapore Economic Development Board.

GF completed major construction of its Singapore expansion, which includes 250,000 sqft (23,000 sqm) of cleanroom space and new administrative offices.

We congratulate GlobalFoundries' success in bringing the site from ground-breaking to tool move-in in one year

Following today's first tool-in ceremony, GF will continue adding new tools to the cleanroom over the coming months and is expected to ramp in 2023. Once complete, the new facility will have the capacity to manufacture 450,000 wafers (300 mm) per year, raising the total capacity of GF's Singapore site to approximately 1.5 million wafers (300 mm) annually.

The new GF facility will be the most advanced semiconductor manufacturing site in Singapore and is on track to create 1,000 new jobs, including technicians and engineers.

In June 2021, GF announced it would invest approximately US $4bn (S$5bn) to expand its Singapore campus as part of the company's overall plan to grow its global manufacturing footprint and capacity to meet the increase in demand for GF-made semiconductor chips. The development, construction, and job creation in Singapore were accelerated by the new chipmaking economic model pioneered by GF, which includes support and investment from GF, its committed customers, and the national government through the Singapore Economic Development Board.

GF aims to replicate this economic model with its planned expansion on the campus of its manufacturing facility and corporate headquarters in Malta, New York.

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