G-CON expands cell therapy cleanroom POD range

Adds miniPOD CTC and CTO to portfolio

The miniPOD CTC and CTO offer design improvements over the current miniPOD

G-CON Manufacturing, a US designer, manufacturer and supplier of cleanroom PODs, has added a new generation of products to its portfolio.

The miniPOD CTC and CTO not only offer design improvements over the current miniPOD CT, but also represent a new POD design.

G-CON Manufacturing President Maik Jornitz, said: 'G-CON first offered our miniPOD CT product line to serve the cell therapy industry. The CT line provided PODs with unidirectional flow and corridor system included within the 9ft and 12ft wide configurations.

'We have expanded that line to include the miniPOD CTC and miniPOD CTO, which provide the same benefits, but are available in lengths from 25–50ft. Detailed discussions with our cell therapy customer base revealed that additional lengths would augment our product portfolio. These new offerings will deliver optimal containment options for even more entities within our cell and gene therapy client base.'

Our miniPOD CT systems allow scaling and expansion without disrupting the existing processing

G-CON also offers customers the opportunity to implement any of their necessary equipment, for example isolators, into a 3D rendering using G-CON’s in house engineering resources. This will allow material and personnel flow to be optimised before construction begins.

'We very clearly understand the need for flexibility in cleanroom and containment areas, for either a centralised production system or hospital based, in either allogeneic or autologous applications,' added Jornitz. 'Moreover, our miniPOD CT systems allow scaling and expansion without disrupting the existing processing, which would be detrimental for the patient base and the manufacturer alike.'

G-CON has designed these PODs to be sanitised with either vaporised hydrogen peroxide or other means.

'We have had three companies successfully run VHP cycles in our PODs. These runs showed a six-log reduction (full sterilisation) in all areas of the cleanroom including the ductwork, which we see as essential in proving a robust cycle,' Jornitz said. 'In addition, we are working together with equipment manufacturers to implement their processing tools into our PODs, so cell therapy customers can see the models we have and easily redline these to fit their own process. We have used this approach successfully with our bioprocess single-use unit operation PODs and fill/finish PODs. Designing an ideal POD for a customer by using templates speeds up the delivery cycle, which is already a major benefit to choosing PODs (15-week manufacturing period after completion of detailed design).'

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