Editor’s comment: High expectations for the cleanroom industry

By Murielle Gonzalez | Published: 15-Jan-2020

The budding cannabis market urgently needs quality control, and some companies are really tapping into it

If I had to choose one word to define 2019, it would be “growth”. Advances in technology and scientific discoveries continue to fuel demand for hi-tech, environmentally controlled facilities, and builders, equipment manufacturers, and contamination control specialists are all reporting positive business results.

Our year in review report not only summarises the 2019 highlights across construction, business and innovation but describes the expectations players in our industry have about the year ahead. Will the new GMP Annex 1 be published in 2020? That continues to be a pressing concern for cleanroom users.

The last 12 months was also a period of development in new areas where cleanroom technology might have been seen as tangential. Innovators and entrepreneurs, however, have proven the contrary.

The budding cannabis and CBD market, for example, urgently needs quality control, not to mention further regulation, and it’s here where biotech companies and laboratories are really tapping into. Here’s to another year of growth.

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