Ebiox provides antimicrobial wipes to Belgian hospital


Trionic wipes selected after a two-year evaluation of a range of wipes

Ebiox, a UK supplier of disinfectant and decontamination products, has been selected by one of Belgium’s most prestigious hospitals to provide Trionic wipes that offer antimicrobial disinfection.

University Hospital Leuven recently completed a two-year evaluation of a range of hard surface and medical equipment wipes. Five different wipes, including Ebiox’s Trionic non-alcohol cleaning and disinfection wipes, were evaluated in all aspects of their use.

The research found Ebiox Trionic wipes to have the best cleaning and disinfection qualities, and the hospital said bio burden levels were reduced during their use.

The Trionic wipe is to be used in a Belgian hospital

The Trionic wipe is to be used in a Belgian hospital

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According to Ebiox, which is based in Warrington, Cheshire, Trionic’s multi-active patented formulation meets two essential elements: first, it decontaminates by cleaning and removing any soiling, pathogens and the bio-film in which the pathogens live and multiply. Then it disinfects the clean surface using a blend of three active biocides.

Following the study, University Hospital Leuven is now implementing the Ebiox Trionic wipes throughout its wards, starting with the most at risk areas such as the intensive care unit.

‘University Hospital Leuven is a major complex with more than 2,000 beds and 9,000 staff. It is internationally known for its high standards and we are delighted to have received this significant product approval,’ said Jeff Smith, commercial director of Ebiox.