Dixon high purity diaphragm valves reduce product entrapment

Suitable for aseptic manufacturing

The new Dixon high purity diaphragm valves are EHEDG and 3A certified

The latest addition to Dixon’s valve portfolio is designed and manufactured in Germany by SED for the pharmaceutical, food and beverage, bioprocessing, cosmetics and semi-conductor industries where aseptic and hygienic conditions are required.

The new Dixon high purity diaphragm valves are EHEDG and 3A certified. They have Circumferential Defined Sealing Angle (CDSA) design between the process diaphragm and valve body, which helps reduce product entrapment on the bonnet flange; provide a better sealing performance and evenly distributed closing force is achieved; and the diaphragm lifetime is extended.

Dixon diaphragm valves also offer floating suspension as standard across all sizes, further increasing sealing and lifetime time. Encapsulated diaphragms and smooth external surfaces free of downward facing assembly bolts further highlight the attention to design with sterile conditions in mind.

All valves are manufactured from 316L but are also available in cast bodies. Two-way, tank bottom and T design valves are available in cast bodies reducing initial outlay on large projects. Furthermore, thanks to the reduced weight cast body valves reduce CIP and sterilisation times, the company says.

Dixon’s hygienic and pharmaceutical range of products include; fittings, tubing, hygienic unions, manual and automated valves, pumps, hoses and hose assemblies and a range of accessories.