Contec reveals new logo and branding

Published: 10-Oct-2022

"As we take this next step in Contec's journey, we honour the past as we look to the future."

American-based cleanroom supplier Contec has announced a new logo and brand identity. 

Contec was established over 30 years ago to provide the expertise necessary to meet critical cleaning needs. Through the years, the company has transformed from a local start-up to a world class organisation.

To mark its growth, Contec has developed a new visual identity, including the logo, colours, fonts, and the tools they use to communicate. While the brand identity is changing, the mission of Contec remains the same.

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 "As we take this next step in Contec's journey, we honour the past as we look to the future. And while our look may change, we remain committed to our customers and invested in each other," said Avi Lawrence, President of Contec.

Contec’s customer-first approach and commitment to quality and innovation bring the most effective solutions to the most critical environments. Through proven expertise-by-side support, Contec aims builds confidence and trust into every relationship.

The company has reaffirmed its pledges to remain committed to safely developing and manufacturing innovative cleaning products for use in critical applications and empowering our talented associates who are excited by the challenge to provide total customer satisfaction to world-class manufacturers, healthcare providers, and professional cleaners.

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