Cleanroom solutions firm GradeZone Techno Solutions launches with sustainable goals

Published: 6-Jul-2023

India-based GradeZone has launched its new services that will focus on optimisation and energy-saving approaches for HVAC, BMS, and EMS solutions

Founder Pritesh Patel has launched a sustainability-focused cleanroom solutions company; GradeZone Techno Solutions.

"We're excited to launch our innovative company, revolutionising HVAC, BMS, and EMS solutions for pharmaceutical and cleanroom industries," Patel said in a LinkedIn post. "At GradeZone Techno Solutions Private Limited, we create controlled environments that optimise operations, conserve resources, and promote sustainability."

The Gujarat, India-based firm will focus on optimisation, energy-saving approaches, and regulatory compliance, as well as delivering efficient and sustainable HVAC solutions. "We leverage our deep expertise and harness the power of cutting-edge technologies to create tailor-made solutions that precisely address our clients' specific needs," Patel explained.

"Our dedication to enhancing HVAC system performance while reducing energy consumption. Leveraging advanced technologies and innovative strategies, we provide top-notch solutions driving efficiency, productivity, and sustainability."

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