Cleaner tanks mean greater profitability for ethanol producers

Published: 30-Nov--0001

All the process systems and tanks used in the ethanol production industry need regular cleaning to prevent contamination during the fermentation process. Alfa Laval tank cleaning technology enables ethanol producers to improve fermenter tank cleaning efficiency to such an extent that it dramatically improves productivity and reduces overall costs.

Cleaning of the fermenters after each production batch is an essential part of the normal cleaning procedure. For this specific duty, conventional spray ball technology has proven ineffective – with or without the use of biocides – because the spray ball does not have sufficient impact on the fermenter’s internal surfaces. Consequently, it takes a long time to ensure that the fermenter is cleaned to the appropriate standard .

By contrast, Alfa Laval rotary jet heads carry out this and other essential tank cleaning duties rapidly and automatically. This specialist equipment is designed to provide 360° indexed impact cleaning that has been pre-defined using sophisticated computer software over a preset period of time, virtually eliminating downtime and other production disruptions associated with frequent tank cleanring.

Rotary jet heads also drastically reduce the quantities of water and biocide used in the cleaning operation. More efficient cleaning of the fermenters also increases fermentation performance and saves money on antibiotics.

Main benefits for ethanol producers include:

• Rapid cleaning, less downtime

• Reduced biocide consumption

• Reduced water consumption

•Less use of antibiotics

• Reduced manpower requirements

• Reduced environmental impact

Alfa Laval technicians generate detailed proposals indicating the ideal location of the machine needed to obtain optimum performance plus the piping and pressure/flow requirements, based on individual tank dimensions, key process parameters and cleaning intervals required

Carried out using Alfa lava’s unique TRAX software program, this proposal will also include an analysis of cleaning shadows and customised patterns for the vessel concerned. Alfa Laval is also able to suggest the best possible operating procedures for this kind of tank cleaning equipment.

Before installing a new tank cleaning system, Alfa Laval will also provide customers with a trial machine to enable them to carry out real-time tests on their own site and compare the benefits and savings available compared with their existing tank cleaning equipment. There are more than 100 UIK companies currently using rotary jet heads for precise tank cleaning in industries as diverse as food, dairy and brewery to paperboard production.

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