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Published: 29-Jul-2002

Pure sound quality relies on a pure source of water. Cleanroom Technology talk to Kinetico and discover how they helped Broadcrest UK

When Broadcrest UK, part of multinational digital media producer MPO, recently relocated and expanded its CD manufacturing facility, it took the opportunity to upgrade its ultrapure water supply with the latest reverse osmosis (RO) and deionising (DI) equipment from Kinetico UK.

The manufacturing process involved in creating the "stamper" plates used to press CDs is complex is carried out under conditions of laboratory cleanliness, and involves several steps that require the use of an ultrapure water source, both for washing and for use in electrolysis solutions. Kinetico UK supplied a complete system to Broadcrest, capable of supplying ultrapure water direct to the cleanroom point of use valves. A system consisting of carbon filter, duplex water softener (Model 60) and Reverse Osmosis unit (Model TL1800) capable of 280 ltr/hr produces RO water, which is stored in a 1800 litre tank. It is then recirculated to the cleanrooms via a polishing system that includes boost pumps, Hypure 10/40 mixed bed deioniser cylinders, 0.45 micron filter, UV sterilizer, 0.2 micron filter and resistivity/temperature monitor. The project was initially started in November 2000 and was completed on schedule. Sean Lynch, mastering and galvanics manager at Broadcrest commented: "When we started looking for a new system our first requirement was to move away from a conventional deionising unit that required a high level of maintenance and the use of aggressive regenerant chemicals. We also wanted a supplier that could offer a one-stop shop for our complete system. "As we looked around the market place we naturally came across Kinetico who were more than able to supply a system to meet all of our technical specifications." RO equipment is increasingly being used in all types of water purification applications because it produces a high quality water very efficiently. It needs no regenerant chemicals and produces no toxic effluents. It is unique among processes in that it can remove both inorganic and organic contamination from the feed water. Running costs for an RO unit are low and predictable, with a negligible maintenance requirement.

Who, what, where, when? Kinetico UK Ltd specialise in innovative water treatment systems. Kinetico have been in the field of water treatment for over 30 years. From its base near Southampton, Kinetico UK services both the UK and some European markets, supplying a complete range of stock, tailored and fully bespoke solutions for industrial and commercial water softening and purification applications. Most of their R&D work is carried out in the USA. Their recent customers include Nira in Basildon and DDD Fleet Laboratories in Watford. They have also completed projects for Worcester Hospital and Rolls Royce.

The control valve A key component of many Kinetico systems, the control valve, is a miracle of design and engineering. As the first Kinetico product it has now undergone over 30 years of development and refinement. Using the energy of moving water as its power source the simple non-electric design allows installation in the most critical applications, controlling salt usage and backwashing through twin-tank systems to maintain a continuous supply.

Why? Many industrial and commercial organisations require reliable sources of clean, pure and softened water – as an integral part of production processes, for cleaning and sterilization, to improve the effectiveness of detergents and chemical solutions, or simply to drink. Recently, due to the BSE outbreak, more and more hospitals are demanding ultrapure water. Kinetico UK's aim is to maintain and build on its position as a chief supplier of industrial and commercial water processing systems.

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