Case study: The first complete dental clinic in the Netherlands

Published: 11-Sep-2023

It took almost all of 2022 to achieve the desired expansion and scale-up of the existing oral clinic in Hoofddorp, The Netherlands, into a complete dental clinic, including OR and X-ray facilities, but the result is impressive!

The client, but above all the patients, are very enthusiastic about the results achieved, which gives us as constructors great satisfaction.

Although SRBA Controlled Environment (formerly Brecon Cleanroom Systems) is used to working in the healthcare sector, it was nonetheless a challenge to build a complete self-contained clinic with a total area of 660 sqm. In this case, a complete dental clinic including a reception and waiting area, offices, treatment rooms, an X-ray facility and a 30 sqm OR with the necessary ancillary areas such as a sub-sterile room, sterilisation room and compressor room.

Exciting and challenging

Sales Manager of SRBA Jerome Gullit, and in this case also heavily involved as project manager in the realisation of the complex, looks back on an exciting and challenging year. "Whereas at the start we were still dealing with a main contractor and consultant, after a few months we were left with only the mechanical and electrical contractor," he says.

We built...the entire architectural floor including the complete interior in the treatment rooms and the fixed furnishings like the kitchenette, counter and so on

- Jerome Gullit, Sales Manager of SRBA

“A lot of hard work went into further development of the design after the aforementioned parties left, in collaboration with the oral surgeon, Dr Tim Forouzanfar, initiator and director of the clinic, and step by step we came up with a beautiful result. As SRBA, we built not only the Controlled Environment facilities, but the entire architectural floor including the complete interior in the treatment rooms and the fixed furnishings like the kitchenette, counter and so on."

Special attention

The walls of almost the entire floor are finished with HPL as a top layer. The OR was built with the prefabricated BCPS wall system from SRBA, a Fraunhofer Institute GMP-certified wall and ceiling system. "Because of the radiation, the X-ray facility requires special, internally lead-clad panels, just as the compressor room also required special attention," says Gullit. "The walls here are covered with acoustic foil and the floating floor provides the necessary sound insulation."

An attractive appearance is provided by the applied glass wall panels, which even include some curved panels. Together, the applied materials and undulating design form a harmonious entity and provide the patient with the necessary privacy in a transparent and modern environment.


The clinic mentioned in this report is an example of the many projects in which SRBA Controlled Environment has deployed its BCPS wall and ceiling system. A beautiful modular system, prefabricated and already applied many times in the GMP healthcare sector, but also in high care food facilities or cleanrooms in which Medical Devices are produced. SRBA is the initiator of the PP4CE initiative. This alliance is increasingly well known as the designer and builder of, for example, turnkey preparation pharmacies in the various hospitals. Some examples can be found on these pages.

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Cleanroom Technology reported beginning of Februari about Brecon's merger with the Muller Afbouw Groep. The new organisation stands for Smart and Reliable Building Achievements (SRBA). The newly formed combination of companies offers the opportunity to develop and realise complete office, laboratory and cleanroom facilities, including the complete design, fit-out and correct maintenance plan!

De Kliniek Voor Kaakchirurgie (The Clinic for oral surgery)

Prof Dr Tim Forouzanfar speaking: "Since 2021, the Clinic for Oral Surgery has been operating in Hoofddorp in, until recently, a somewhat more modest facility. In the clinic, one could perform minor jaw surgery procedures with local anaesthesia.

The Clinic for Oral Surgery is also a referral practice for special dentistry and orthodontics. It also cooperates closely with the “Stichting Bijzondere Tandheelkunde Amsterdam” (the Amsterdam Special Dentistry Foundation), which is also housed in our premises. We believe that much will change in healthcare in the coming decades. Care will increasingly be provided outside hospital walls and in small institutions. After all, this is patient-friendly and cheaper. We expect to see more and more satellite clinics around hospitals offering specific care in the future."

"Abroad, we are seeing more and more small dental hospitals," said Forouzanfar. "Small centres with a broad team of in-house experts who can provide specialist dental care! We have now realised that concept as one of the first dental clinics in the Netherlands.

Because of the radiation, the X-ray facility requires special, internally lead-clad panels, just as the compressor room also required special attention

- Jerome Gullit, Sales Manager of SRBA

By the end of 2021, we have taken up the idea of substantially expanding our clinic with an OR and various other facilities. Certainly a challenge at a time when the corona pandemic was severe worldwide." Sterile areas, treatment rooms and an X-ray room were part of the challenging plan. "I had a desire to expand our already existing range of services like Orthodontics, Periodontology and Endodontology to include Pain Relief but also Aesthetic Dentistry."

Taking the lead

The expansion of the existing clinic certainly did not go as expected. The main contractor and consultant left the construction team at some point and it was primarily the Brecon organisation that then took the lead in bringing the project to a successful conclusion.

"I am very grateful to the SRBA Controlled Environment organisation and project manager Jerome Gullit for their efforts. Without them and partners Le Cuivre Installateurs and Van Leeuwen, it would certainly not have been possible to complete the work within the desired construction period."

Oral surgeon Prof Dr Tim Fourazanfar has been working as an oral and maxillofacial surgeon in the academy for 15 years now. In addition to his hospital work, he was looking for a new challenge. Consequently, a few years ago he started a clinic for oral surgery in Hoofddorp, the Netherlands.

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