Bioklenz disinfectant gets approval from retail giant M&S

Published: 10-Mar-2017

Warrington-based supplier of hygiene solutions, Klenzan, has received approval under the Marks & Spencer product accreditation scheme for its premium non-QAC based disinfectant, Bioklenz, used in food & beverage production facilities

As part of Klenzan’s continued innovation and development of hygiene products for the food, dairy and beverage industries, Bioklenz has been over a year in the making, undergoing a series of tests against the latest exacting standard – BSEN 1650.  This test protocol requires proven efficacy against yeasts and moulds, including ‘spiny spore’ which are significantly harder to eliminate than regular spores.

All M&S food and beverage suppliers and producers must use approved disinfectants that satisfy exacting standards and that are both effective and safe. Bioklenz has undergone rigorous testing by Campden BRI to achieve approved status and is the first M&S approved disinfectant to be put through the ‘spiny spores’ test.

Peter Littleton, Technical Director at Klenzan said: "We have worked hard to develop Bioklenz into a premium disinfectant and delighted to launch it onto the market this year in its new and improved form. Achieving accreditation from M&S is the highest accolade and testimony to our endeavours to produce a product that is second to none.”

Every manufacturing operation has criteria it must satisfy but nowhere is this more critical than in the food, dairy and drinks industries. Klenzan’s hygiene programme ensures compliance with procedures, legislation and industry codes of practice.

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