BeMicron delivers GMP compliant and time saving gowning procedures and products

Published: 5-Jun-2018

BeMicron offers a wide range of garments and goggles, together with specific procedures delivering significant reduction in contamination risks and in gowning procedure time

Cleanroom gowning specialist BeMicron boasts 20 years' experience in the industry. The company has developed a ‘ready-to-use’ product range designed to simplify the gowning procedure as well as limit any contamination risk during gowning.

Today, BeMicron delivers a wide range of unique and high-performance products. Its portfolio is characterised by:

1. Total safety

  • Gowning without touching the parts of the products exposed to the production environment.
  • Online support tools for GMP compliancy in use, training, education, SOP's.
  • Global availability and support offering the opportunity to use, control and validate the same products and procedures in all production locations.

2. Quick and intuitive

  • The gowning procedure is compliant to GMP demands and saving 25% of operators time per entry, 20 minutes per operator per production day.

3. Economical

  • Suits with attached hoods and/or vizors, reducing costs significantly; gowning time, costs of individual items, washing, sterilizing, logistics, purchase.
  • Fabrics & materials tried and tested to be the best meeting quality and durability.
  • Product differentiation for segments & GMP areas of use; Pharma, Biotech. Healthcare, Medical device e.g.
  • Global availability offering best practice implementation and economies of scale.

4. Environmental

  • All re-usable products with for exceptional activities requiring waste management, there is a sustainable single-use version of the coverall

Customer experiences

  • The BeMicron concept is such that after training procedures are executed automatically without thinking and without error. Whilst the gowning using the conventional method, the operator can inadvertently contaminate his/her sterile coverall.
  • Contamination risks reduction: gowning tests with contaminated hands with fluorescein showed a total absence of contamination on the front of the BeMicron coverall against the conventional coverall that showed contamination at front chest and forearm.
  • Gowning time reduction: the one step, within 30 seconds, while the former procedures requested up to 2-5 minutes.
  • Implementing the BeMicron as our global standard has helped efficiency and quality management & compliance through a centralized best practice approach. Especially for our new production start-ups in emerging countries the concept enables to focus on implementation only, rather than having to develop.

Areas of use

BeMicron delivers GMP compliant and time saving gowning procedures and products

The BeMicron products and procedures are applicable for all operators in sterile cleanroom environments and available worldwide:

  • Pharmaceutical industry
  • Biotechnological industry
  • (Micro)Electronic industry
  • Hospital environment

The BeMicron concept is the solution when:

  • 1. Gowning procedures are strict and laborious,
  • 2. Risk of contamination is crucial for safety and for product yield
  • 3. Saving time and reducing cost are important
  • 4. Management of QA and QC compliance cross border and global through best practice and standardization is of importance.
  • 5. Improvement in comfort for the operators is helpful.

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