Basan and JohnsonDiversey form European disinfectant sales partnership

Published: 27-Feb-2009

Basan, the cleanroom company, is to sell JohnsonDiversey’s new ClearKlens cleanroom disinfectants across Europe.

The ClearKlens range has been developed to simplify cleanroom disinfection, removing the unnecessary complexity in disinfectant selection – offering five key product formulations in multiple pack sizes to suit facilities.

Products include everything from ready to use sterile sprays to single dose bottles. The complete range is compliant with the Biocidal Product Directive (BPD) and manufactured to GMP standards. They are supported by full technical documentation and meet all relevant EN standards.

The 900ml trigger sprays have an anti-suck back delivery mechanism to protect the contents of the bottle for their shelf life. The system encompasses a bag in bottle and breather hole, which together ensure no air is sucked back into the product as the spray is used.

The ready to use solution is diluted with Water for Injection (WFI) removing the need for point of use dilution.

The ClearKlens products are manufactured in an ISO Class 5 (Class A) environment within an ISO Class 7 (Class C) background. The sterile products are 0.2 micron filtered, sterile filled, double bagged and, where applicable, gamma irradiated.

Basan will distribute the products in France, Benelux, Germany, Italy, UK and other European countries.

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