Antibacterial finishing in cleanroom workwear should be widely adopted after 2021

Published: 27-Sep-2021

AFC launches high-end, eco-friendly cleanroom fabrics that come with robust antibacterial finishing

FDA published a document in June 2020 that clearly outlines the best practice for drug and biological product manufacturing. This thirteen-page document focuses on strict CGMP requirements and quality risk management principles in which an emphasis on microbiological control in the cleanroom workplace, as well as amongst staff members were mentioned. It recommended using facilities that could guarantee adequate air filtration and positive air pressure to ensure the proper function of a working environment.

Whilst the world economy gradually moves on in 2021, Covid variants continue to swipe around the world. The occurrence of unpredictable breakthrough infections causes demanding challenges to cleanroom workplaces in various sectors such as food packaging, semiconductors and aerospace industries. The complexity brought by post-pandemic foreground a crucial question: what would be a new normal in cleanroom workplaces?

To go beyond the FDA recommendations for unprecedented quality control protocols, AFC narrowed down the question to day-to-day, even minute-to-minute scale and focused on upgrading personal protective equipment for cleanroom professionals.

Antibacterial finish - Futureproof cleanroom workwear for a new normal

AFC exclusive technology applies an antibacterial finishing to the garments. They use advanced germ trap technology proven to provide utmost protection against pathogens such as coronavirus. The well-designed fabric has an antiviral coating that is safe to touch, protects the hazardous virus protection points of the nose, ears, and mouth while eliminating the likelihood of cross-contamination from saliva droplets.

AFC Cleanroom Fabric series consists of a diverse range of high-performance fabrics. They are ideal for various applications such as cleanroom workwear, cleanroom shoes as well as cleanroom wipes. All the products are scrutinised for particle filtration efficiency before launching to the global market.

AFC Cleanroom Fabric series complies with regulations for Cleanroom Class 10 ~ 100K with excellent functionalities that guarantee protection against contamination.

Redefining cleanroom garments with eco-friendly yarns

Another undeniable aspect of a futureproof quality assurance protocol is humanity. The COVID-19 crisis has also led to an urgent call for eco-friendly cleanroom products and a shift in the market’s focus on waste management. Effective management of industrial cleanroom waste requires proper identification, collection, separation, transportation, treatment and disposal.

AFC’s J-series (left) and R-series (right & bottom) cleanroom fabrics

AFC’s J-series (left) and R-series (right & bottom) cleanroom fabrics

Besides standard cleanroom fabric, AFC has been producing a range of sustainable yarn using specialised fibres that are genetically eco-friendly, introducing new applications for a more sustainable future in cleanroom textiles. All the garments are tested with autoclave and can endure up to 50 washing cycles. Their on-site R&D Team examine the performance of cleanroom fabric to assure the quality of the products. The thorough, strict testing methods and processes (particle filtration test, air permeability test, temperature & humidity test, and tensile strength test) ensure the anti-static ability, providing an excellent shield against minute particles and guaranteeing great breathability & comfort to the wearers.

Expanded adaptability to stay with a wide range of cleanroom settings

A cleanroom can be designed to fulfil precise specifications and industrial practices; therefore, the capacity of cleanroom garments to adapt to different cleanroom requirements in post-pandemic is pivotal for manufacturing pursuits that depend upon enhanced quality controls. With optional antibacterial finishing, AFC’s sustainable fabric lends itself to manufacturers who plan with environmental issues in mind. They are the most ideal for excellent PPE for future protocols.

With at least 40 years of experience, AFC innovates high-end garments for cleanroom and medical workplaces. Their on-site R&D, high-end labs, and streamlined production process can fulfil bespoke requirements at a competitive price. AFC has been a trusted partner for world-leading companies in Italy, Germany, and Belgium in the past two decades.

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