AirSon uses temperature-controlled laminar airflow for new project

Published: 23-Aug-2023

Senior Material (Europe) has been working with AirSon Engineering to complete its 6,000 sqm new cleanroom in Sweden

AirSon Engineering has announced it is finalising a turnkey cleanroom project in Europe.

The Sweden-based controlled environment expert is coming to the end of the build for the separator film producer, Senior Material (Europe).

Senior Material is finalising its first battery separator film factory in Europe, with AirSon delivering a turnkey, cutting-edge 6,000 sqm cleanroom and utility setup in Eskilstuna, Sweden.

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AirSon Engineering performs contracts and consultancy within energy and installation technology and controlled indoor climate. The company's focus is on installation-dense projects with high requirements and tight tolerances. "We operate mainly in three main areas: HVAC planning, cleanrooms and cleanroom solutions, and energy efficiency," the company explains on its website.

The new advanced cleanroom in Eskilstuna, powered by AirSon's unique TLA technology, will ensure top-tier cleanliness, temperature control, and efficiency for lithium battery production, particularly in electric vehicles.

TLA stands for temperature-controlled laminar airflow. This technology from AirSon uses a specific way of introducing the treated air, taking advantage of gravity and creating clean controlled zones where they are needed.

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