Acromec directors vote 100% in favour of name change


The engineering firm that started with a controlled environment focus has diversified and was looking for a name that reflected this

Acromec directors vote 100% in favour of name change

Directors at an Extraordinary General Meeting for a Singapore-based engineering firm have voted 100% in favour of changing the company's name from Acromec Limited to AcroMeta Group Limited.

In the company's notice about the meeting, it explained that though the business started as a controlled environment engineering firm, the diversification into other sectors, such as the energy sector, was the rationale behind the name change.

Acromec engaged a branding consultant to undertake a rebranding exercise. The chosen name is a combination of two greek words; "Acro" which stands for "the peak" or "the apex" and is a retention of the previous heritage name; and "Meta" which means "going beyond".

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The name now has to be lodged with the Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority of Singapore, before a certificate of the name change can be issued. The name will come into effect at an undisclosed time, but the name is only reserved until March 2022.