Controlled environment expert AcroMeta wins big in the biotech sector

Published: 27-Jul-2022

AcroMeta Group has secured two biotech contracts worth $4.3m

AcroMeta Group, an established specialist engineering service provider group in the field of controlled environments serving mainly the healthcare, biomedical, pharmaceutical, research and academia sectors, has secured two contracts totalling approximately S$6 million (US$4.3m).

The first project is a follow-up expansion project from a customer in the biotechnology sector, where Singapore-based AcroMeta first built its laboratory facility in Kallang Way back in May 2021. The group greatly appreciates the continued collaboration.

The second project involves the construction of a joint laboratory facility for two companies similarly in the biotechnology space, specialising in advanced immunotherapy.

The contracts are expected to contribute positively to the earnings per share and net tangible assets per share of the group for the current financial year ending 30 September 2022.

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