3M hosts protective clothing event

Published: 4-Jul-2011

Webinar is part of the ‘safety spotlight’ series

3M is hosting a free webinar on the selection of protective clothing as part of its ‘safety spotlight’ series on Wednesday 20 July at 12 noon. This is the fourth free webinar that 3M has hosted this year.

3M launched the ‘safety spotlight’ series to share its knowledge and expertise on a variety of workplace issues and hazards. As well as the webinar, the series includes free access to detailed technical bulletins that provide additional information for customers to keep as a permanent resource.

The latest ‘safety spotlight’ will provide an overview from potential skin hazards in the workplace to the different levels of protection available from protective clothing and how the correct products can be selected to protect the worker and meet the legal requirements of the working environment.

Jenn Raymond of 3M’s Occupational Health & Environmental Safety Division explained: “The webinar will cover in depth the different considerations in selecting protective clothing. Following the acquisition of Dailys Ltd, 3M offers a wide range of coveralls for many different tasks and conditions.

“Specification can be a confusing process, which is why it is not uncommon for unsuitable products to be selected for an application. The webinar will feature a dedicated section on understanding the levels of protection offered by different products and explain some of the features available, from breathable panels that offer increased comfort, to the use of fabrics with increased abrasion-resistance for added longevity in harsher environments.”

The webinar will also consider the testing procedures undergone by 3M’s coveralls and give an overview of safety standards that must be met.

To register for the webinar, go to www.3M.co.uk/ohes/speakerseries.

The technical bulletin will be available to download from July.

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