NewAge Industries celebrates 65th anniversary

Published: 14-Jan-2019

2019 marks the company’s 65th year in business since it began in 1954

What began in 1954 as a small distributorship selling a few types of plastic tubing has transformed into a multi-million-dollar manufacturer that offers dozens of tubing styles, as well as custom moulded parts and hose assemblies. Industries that use NewAge’s products range from high purity biopharm, pharmaceutical and medical device, to beer, food and dairy, as well as appliance, chemical and general industrial.

Ken Baker, CEO, said: “The transition from being a reseller to making products was a huge leap. It took years of research, a lot of new people and dedication and perseverance to carry through with the plan.”

According to Baker, NewAge could have continued business as a reseller. He added: “It was customers who helped push us in the direction of manufacturing."

The reason was two-fold: customers wanted higher quality products and they wanted them modified for specific applications.

“We already had knowledgeable sales team members in place and customers liked working with them. They valued the relationships and they trusted us. In turn, we put our trust in our customers to help steer us in the right direction,” said Baker.

Today NewAge Industries manufactures and stocks millions of feet of thermoplastic tubing and reinforced hose, as well as thermoset (rubber) tubing and hose. The company keeps more than half a million fittings on hand, so hose assemblies can be produced quickly from off-the-shelf parts. Custom products, such as Single-Use moulded tubing manifolds, BioClosure container closures and various hose identification solutions, are offered as well. A recent plant expansion allowed for additional manufacturing and warehousing space and NewAge is hiring to fill growth positions.

“We’ve come quite a long way since 1954,” said Baker. “We’re excited to see what’s ahead. As an employee-owned company, our success depends on all of us. We’re in charge of our destiny for the next 65 years.”

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