New ISO 14644 Cleanroom Standard on Cleaning of Surfaces now available

Published: 15-Feb-2016

ISO/DIS 14644-13 addresses cleaning to a specified degree on a cleanroom surface

IEST, the Secretariat to ISO Technical Committee 209, Cleanrooms and associated controlled environments, has published the ISO Draft International Standard (DIS) 14644-13: Cleaning of surfaces to achieve defined levels of cleanliness in terms of particle and chemical classification.

This will be the public’s first look at Part 13 of the ISO 14644 series. ISO/DIS 14644-13 addresses cleaning to a specified degree on a cleanroom surface, equipment surface in a cleanroom, or surface of a material in a cleanroom. (In this document, the term surface is considered to be a solid.)

Guidance is provided on the assessment of cleaning methods for achieving the required surface cleanliness levels specified in ISO 14644-9: Classification of surface cleanliness by particle concentration and ISO 14644-10: Classification of surface cleanliness by chemical concentration. Different cleaning methods may be necessary depending on the degree of cleanliness required. The selection procedure considers aspects such as surface description, cleanliness specifications, types of contamination, cleaning techniques, and material compatibility. Guidance is provided on assessing cleaning efficacy.

ISO/DIS 14644-13 is currently being reviewed globally by ISO/TC 209 national member bodies during the three-month Draft International Standard ballot. Visit to be one of the first to review this new document.

Cleanroom professionals are encouraged to attend a panel discussion on the ISO 14644 standards, scheduled on 4 May during ESTECH 2016, the IEST Annual Technical Meeting in Glendale, Arizona, US. Feedback on proposed standards, including ISO 14644-13, will be welcome, said IEST. The panel will include members and experts of the US TAG to ISO/TC 209.

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