New fluid connectors from Micronclean

Published: 12-Jun-2018

Specialist cleanroom consumable manufacturer Micronclean launches its B Braun Fluid Connectors

Manufactured in Micronclean's MicronDevices cleanroom, the new product consists of B Braun fluid dispensing packed ready for compounding use in convenient packs of ten.

The connectors can be used for filling unit-dose syringes from a large master syringe.

A secure connection is provided via Luer-Lock connections on both sides and the connectors have large grip plates to aid use and minimise contamination.

The design enables easy air elimination from the unit- dose syringe with air always located in the upper end of the master syringe.

The B Braun connectors have identical functionality to the Baxa two-way fluid connectors previously sold by Micronclean but which are now obsolete.

The connectors are packed in the same pack size as the previous product therefore removing the need for new isolator validations.

Michelle Simpson Product Manager Consumables said: “Micronclean are the market leaders in the provision of sterile syringe packs for manufacturing pharmacy use and this new product builds on better response times that our new in-house MicronDevices facility allows us to provide.

“Looking forward, this is a clear example of how we are mobilising our business purpose statement to ensure that we continue to provide new products that provide quality and efficiency to our customers”.

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