New ERP in CENTILLION - Implementation of the system SAP S/4 HANA

Published: 28-Oct-2022

CENTILLION has made another successful step towards Industry 4.0 by implementing the most innovative and popular worldwide ERP system SAP S/4 HANA

The system optimises the company's ongoing processes by standardising and accelerating activities, consolidating all available information, and offering quick access to the necessary data. At the same time, it allows to timely control and readjustment in response to constantly changing conditions and market challenges.

The digitalisation of the company's processes will improve our operations in many areas. First of all, it will support our overall development. CENTILLION will achieve faster information exchange between departments at all times, be more agile, and have more accurate forecasts in the corporate resource planning and process traceability. The unified database and its real-time analysis will become the basis for making correct, timely, and fast business decisions.

One of the most important advantages of optimisation is the use of less paper, which is one of the company's main goals as a socially responsible company.

The innovative solutions at CENTILLION guarantee high-quality work and customer satisfaction!

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