Micronclean delivers improvements to its market leading garment portal

Published: 9-Nov-2022

Micronclean’s market leading garment portal enables customers to view information about their garments and contracts in real time

Following feedback from users several improvements have been released including a new dashboard and reporting tab.

Since its launch Micronclean’s garment portal has gathered an active user population of nearly 400 people. The garment portal was developed by Micronclean’s in-house software team, designed from the outset to allow any registered user to access real time data from Micronclean’s Protrack garment system

In response to feedback from users, several new features have recently been added to the portal including:

In all these cases we have taken great care to display all the required data with clear, simple easy to understand logical groupings. In addition, the new reporting tab provides powerful insight to garment usage.

Micronclean’s Group Product Manager for Cleanroom Textiles, Stella Yates, commented: “The Garment Portal has proved to be a great success since its launch in that it allows garment contract owners to interrogate the system when it is convenient to them with the knowledge that the data is always up to date.

By listening to feedback from users we have been able to release several new features which improve the usability of the portal and with the advent of the new reporting tab we have given customers direct access to reports that previously could only be generated internally.”

The cleanroom laundry has a significant global presence, and in the last few years opened a landmark cleanroom laundry in Bangalore India.

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