Mettler Toledo Garvens launches serialisation systems

Published: 28-Jun-2010

Compact and flexible for seamless integration into production lines

Mettler Toledo Garvens’ XMV (Mark and Vision) and XS2 MV (Mark and Vision) serialisation systems can help pharmaceutical manufacturers secure production lines, protect brand reputations and avoid the costs associated with counterfeiting.

Serialisation, the assignation and placement of a unique marking on the primary packaging of a pharmaceutical product, provides track and trace capabilities from the point of packaging to the pharmacy or healthcare facility. These unique codes are uploaded to a database that can be accessed by various parties, including pharmacists, law enforcement officials and consumers after the product is sold.

Mettler Toledo Garvens says its compact serialisation systems can be seamlessly integrated into all production lines with minimum production line reengineering. The two new systems provide full traceability to meet global serialisation, E-Pedigree and track and trace requirements, and are equipped with user security access for total control.

Both the XMV and XS2 MV fit the majority of production lines and are equipped with easily adjustable hand wheels for highly accurate positioning of codes. The systems can also be adjusted for variable package dimensions in seconds, which reduces downtime for product changeover.

For further flexibility, the two systems work with a number of marking and vision inspection systems and operate at speeds of up to 90m/min.

XMV serialisation system

XMV serialisation system

The XMV only needs 830mm of floor space and allows one-step integration into new or existing production lines. Pharmaceutical manufacturers that require checkweighing capabilities can use the XS2 MV for weighing, marking and vision verification.

‘Counterfeiting is a serious issue for pharmaceutical companies worldwide. Mettler Toledo has dedicated resources to developing advanced marking and verification solutions to help customers combat these challenges and protect their reputations in a cost-effective manner,’ said Frank Borrmann, project manager for serialisation, Mettler Toledo Garvens.

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