Melaphones working in a cleanroom environment

Published: 14-Mar-2017

Melaphone Visual Audio, a specialist provider of Melaphones manufactured in the UK, explains how its product allows easy communication within the cleanroom environment

Human beings are typically the largest single source of contamination in a cleanroom, so workers must follow special procedures on entry and exit, and wear special apparel to trap human hair, human skin flakes, pollen, mould, etc.

With such strict standards to a void contamination, a cleanroom evidently presents challenges in communicating with the outside world, however a Melaphone is specifically designed to facilitate the mutual exchange of information between the interior and exterior of a cleanroom, without compromising the sterility of the area.

Essentially, a Melaphone consists of a circular, transparent diaphragm, made of a tough, versatile plastic called polycarbonate and reinforced with a stainless-steel mesh. The transparent diaphragm transmits sound freely and clearly, without the need for a loudspeaker and/or power supply but, because air does not flow through it, and therefore the device cannot transmit airborne contaminants.

Diaphragms are available in diameters large and small, which can easily be accommodated in a range of cleanroom settings. In addition, the Melaphones have been accredited with ISO 14644-1 level 5.

Even in smaller diameters, they offer a high degree of vision, so that workers outside a cleanroom can see those inside, and vice versa, and work safely.

The video below shows the Melaphone products being tested to ISO 14644-1 and achieving ISO Class 5 level (use the next and previous icons to navigate playlist after clicking play).

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