Melaphone gains accreditation to ISO 14644-1 Level 5

Published: 13-Jun-2017

The acoustic Melaphone system is designed for use in cleanroom security environments

Melaphone is specifically designed to allow sterile communication with a high degree of vision and safety. There is no thru-air flow, therefore, no transmission of germs, draughts or dust. Speech is transmitted through a transparent diaphragm which also gives protection against noxious sprays.

Essentially, a Melaphone consists of a circular, transparent diaphragm, made of a tough, versatile plastic called polycarbonate and reinforced with a stainless-steel mesh. The transparent diaphragm transmits sound freely and clearly, without the need for a loudspeaker and/or power supply but, because air does not flow through it, and therefore the device cannot transmit airborne contaminants.

To further improve the suitablility of its products within the exacting standards required in the cleanroom and food hygiene industries, Melaphone has subjected them to some rigorous tests.

It worked closely with Cleanroom Consulting Ltd, an expert in cleanroom project management and design, which organised the independant tests and certification to the ISO14644-1 standards.

Melaphone says: “We believe that our product is the only non-electrical window aperture fitting speaking device of its kind and design that meets this high standard. In fact, the tests exceeded our original expectations and achieved Level 5.”

The devices were deemed suitable for use as an audio visual aid in cleanrooms up to ISO14644-1 ISO 5 Level as they maintain a high positive and negative pressure barrier and do not increase or generate particle at rest or in operation.

The company added: “We are extremely pleased with these results and will look to build on this success over the coming months."

A copy of the certificate is available along with actual testing footage on the company's website.


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