L&K Engineering wins $204m bid for UMC fab expansion

Published: 23-Mar-2023

United Microelectronics has chosen Taiwan-based L&K for the 12-inch fab expansion in Singapore

L&K Engineering Suzhou has landed a $205.3 million bid to expand United Microelectronics' semiconductor fabrication plant in Singapore, according to a filing on Friday.

The Chinese construction engineering firm was tapped as the contractor for UMC's 12-inch fab expansion. The scope of the contract includes building and installing cleanrooms, pipelines, air conditioners, fire protection, water supply and drainage systems, among others.

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The project is expected to be completed by December 2024 and the company expects the deal to have a positive impact on its performance.

L&K Engineering Company evolved from a traditional building and laboratory air condition design and installation company, into a pharmaceutical cleanroom and whole plant design/installation service provider, and finally to a competitive local cleanroom constructor in high-tech semiconductor industry.

L&K started earlier as a leading company to compete with foreign cleanroom constructors in Taiwan's market; the growth and evolution of L&K closely followed the booming development of cleanroom industry in Taiwan.

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