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High-Tech Conversions is a global manufacturer of innovative cleanroom supplies and cleaning products for a variety of high-tech industries. Our products are trusted in controlled environments, PCB assembly lines, laboratories, and manufacturing facilities across the world

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Dry Cleanroom Wipes

Our cleanroom wipes are made from the lowest-linting substrates including nonwoven poly-cellulose and polyester. They are manufactured with materials that are free of bonding agents, adhesives or chemical additives. With options for ISO Class 3 (Cleanroom Class 10) to ISO Class 7+ (Cleanroom Class 10,000), there is a wipe for virtually any cleanroom environment.

  • NOVA-TECH Wipes are made from non-shedding and absorbent nonwoven ploy-cellulose. They are suitable for use in ISO Class 6 - 7+ (Class 1,000 – 10,000) Cleanrooms.
  • VISION Wipes are made from knitted polyester fabric providing strength and extraordinary cleanliness. They are ideal for use in ISO Class 5 - 6+ (Class 100 – 1,000) Cleanrooms.
  • ULTIMATE Wipes are made from knitted polyester and have heat sealed edges to prevent loose stringy fibers. They are among the cleanest wipes available on the market and suitable for use in ISO Class 3 - 4+ (Class 1 – 100) Cleanrooms.

Presaturated Wipes

High-Tech Conversions

Our presaturated IPA wipes are available in variety of materials and saturation levels meet your exact requirements. Using presaturated wipes offer a variety of benefits including:

  • Reduce the use of squirt bottles and dipping cans which wastes and sends isopropyl alcohol into the air
  • Reduce the amount of isopropyl alcohol used
  • Use the exact percentage of IPA each application
  • More even distribution of alcohol on the wipe and hence the wiping process
  • Fewer VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds)
  • Safer to use, ship, and store than flammable liquids
  • Convenience: No pouring, spraying, filtering, or diluting

Sterile Wipes

High-Tech Conversions

Cobalt Blue Sterile Wipes are Cobalt-60 Gamma Irradiated, validated sterile, and lot numbered for tracability. They ideal for a variety of wiping applications in cleanrooms & aseptic processing.

  • Validated to SAL (Sterility Assurance Level) of 10 -6 in accordance with standards and recommended practices of the ANSI/AAMI/ISO 11137:2006 guidelines
  • Cobalt-60 Gamma Irradiated
  • Meets usp797 and usp800 requirements for critical contamination control
  • Each package is identified with a lot number for traceability
  • Each case of material includes a Certificate of Sterility
  • Available in Dry and Presaturated
  • Materials include Poly-cellulose, Polyester and Polypropylene

Tacky Mats

High-Tech Conversions

Tacky Traxx Mats® are designed to remove particulate from foot and cart traffic upon entering a cleanroom. They are made of high quality incinerable polyethylene film with an adhesive surface featuring just the right amount of “tack”. The highly engineered film has a durable and smooth surface that is not easily damaged by heavy foot traffic and cart wheels.

Available in multiple sizes and colors including white, blue, and grey. Common applications include:

  • Each clean film adhesive mat features numbered corner tabs for easy tracking of remaining sheets.
  • Durable and smooth surface stands up against heavy foot traffic and cart wheels.
  • Peel-off sheets eliminate the need for messy cleaning & make it easy to maintain a clean surface.
  • High-Tech Conversions
  • Ideal for cleanrooms, laboratories, industrial settings, and other environments that need to control dirt, dust and contamination.


Bee-Safe Disposable Garments are cost-effective and comfortable. They are ideal for a variety of applications including cross-contamination prevention, laboratory, general maintenance, food processing, environmental clean-up, construction, and more.

Other Products

Cleanroom Gloves • Tacky Rollers • Cleanroom Mops • Private Label and Custom Products Available

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